Tuesday, December 2, 2008

VanDyk Offers new Jumbo Loan Program

VanDyk Mortgage is proud to introduce our new Jumbo Loan Programs. We call it our Premier Jumbo Line.

Here are the basics:

> Available in 3yr ARM, 5 yr ARM, or 7 yr ARM
> Principal & Interest or Interest Only (10 yr period)
> Loan to Value ratios up to 80% (70% in declining markets)
> Loan amounts up to $2 million
> Competitive rates, similar to Conforming Jumbo Rates (unlike most Jumbo programs that are well over 9%, these are typically under 6.375% and sometimes even lower)

We can beat virtually all major banks on loans over $625,500. This loan product isn't available at Countrywide, Bank Of America, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, or Suntrust. You can only find it at VanDyk Mortgage.

Get out of your Option ARM before the index rises back up or your payment recasts into fully amortized (usually after 5 years).

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