Friday, November 7, 2008

New 2009 Loan Limits for Fannie & Freddie

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac have new loan limits for 2009, as released today. The standard conventional loan limit remains at $417K accross the USA. High Cost Areas have new limits based on the new formula in the 2008 housing bill passed in July.

We expect to see some updates to the current Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac guidelines for loans that exceed the standard limit of $417K which will keep these larger sized loans affordable & attainable. We will keep you posted as we hear updates.

We also expect to see updates soon from HUD regarding the 2009 FHA loan limits, extension of the FHA Secure loan program, and updated guidelines on Hope for Homeowners.

Here are some highlights of the new loan limits:
Alpine County, CA $463,450
Bellevue, WA $506,000
Carlsbad, CA $546,250
Chula Vista, CA $546,250
Escondido, CA $546,250
Everett, WA $506,000
Greene County, GA $515,200
Key West, FL $529,000
Kirkland, WA $506,000
Long Beach, CA $625,500
Los Angeles, CA $625,500
Lynnwood, WA $506,000
Mono County, CA $529,000
Napa, CA $592,250
Naples, FL $448,500
Oakland, CA $625,500
Oceanside, CA $546,250
Orange County, CA $625,500
Petaluma, CA $520,950
Pierce County, WA $506,000
Riverside, CA $417,000
Sacramento, CA $474,950
Salinas, CA $483,000
San Diego, CA $546,250
San Francisco, CA $625,500
San Jose, CA $625,500
San Juan County, WA $483,000
San Luis Obispo, CA $561,200
San Marcos, CA $546,250
Santa Barbara, CA $603,750
Santa Cruz, CA $625,500
Santa Rosa, CA $520,950
Seattle, WA $506,000
Snohomish County, WA $506,000
Tacoma, WA $506,000
Truckee, CA $477,250
Ventura, CA $598,000

Access the 2009 High cost area loan limits here PDF: 2009 Loan Limits

We believe that these loan limits are ample enough to help out millions of Americans Purchase new homes and Refinance their homes into safe affordable fixed rate loans.

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